Worm Repellent

Agro Shield is a plant extract oil derived from wild medicinal and herbal plants. It is based on advanced biotechnological research which contains highly specialized bio-derivatives in appropriate concentration. The product has excellent contact action. Agro Shield is eco friendly in nature.


All Vegetable, Flowers, Fruits, Horticulture, Cotton, Cardomom and other plantation crops

Targeted Pest:

Beet armyworm, Cabbage armyworm, Tobacco cut worm, Cotton bollworm, Walker, Caterpillars and Shoot/ Capsule borer


2mlin 1 Itr water

Method of Application

Spray uniformly on the canopy to ensure complete coverage of the infected plants.


Herbal Extract 35%, Solvent water & emulsifier 65% Good combination with other pesticides and fertilizer formulations of acidity, but never mix with any alkaline water & formulation.