AMINO-R (Amino Acids)

Amino-R is a Bio-Organic product required for plant growth promotion, cell division, which results into growth and development containing Amino acids, induces the growth and development of primary as well as secondary root system resulting into more absorption of nutrients from soil. Amino-R boosts up the growth and development of plant resulting into health and Improvement of quality and y. "Amino-R foliar spray is a natural plant growth promoter easily absorbed and utilized by plant for their growth and development. Amino-R fulfills the nutritional demand and accelerates the metabolic processes, thus enhances the activity of naturally available enzymes and hormones in plant and enhances overall metabolism in plants. These changes help in the formation of food materials like carbohydrates, proteins etc. This results into flowering and higher fruit setting. . It also reduces the flower and fruit drop caused by hormonal imbalance. It enhances nutritional uptake and their utilization which improves the colour, size etc. The foliar application enables the plants to receive direct benefits from naturally balanced nutrients/ growth stimulating substances when they are needed by the plants especially at the time of stage differentiation


  • Amino-R helps in flower initiation & early fruiting
  • Amino-R helps in promoting growth, due to quick uptake of macro, micro nutrients
  • Amino-R plays an important roll in Nitrogen assimilation
  • Amino-R increases resistance to pests
  • Amino-R reduces water stress in plants due to water retention properties
  • Amino-R stimulates protein synthesis


Play important role in the growth of cells. Cytokinin and auxin enhance protein synthesis, hence additional amino acids are essentially required.


Dosage recommended to promote leaf growth, flower/fruit retention and increase general health of plants in wide range of crops including ornamentals, fruits, grapes, sugarcane, paddy, cereals @ 2 ml per litre of water.Donot mix calcium salts

Packing Available:1, 2.5, 5, 10 ltr and also in Bulk