Antiviral-R contains exotic herbal and medicinal plants and has application for vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses etc and helps plants for stopping the spreading of plant viruses. The virus infects the leaves like mosaic structure ,yellowish areas ,curling ,dwarfing ,distortion etc.

INGREDIENTS: Natural Enzyme, Clove oil, Ginger Extracts etc.

  • Dosage for Spray Schedule: 1-2 gms per litre of water
  • For Prevention Of Disease : 1st spray within one week of transplant,2nd after 2 weeks,3rd and 4th every 2 weeks.
  • To Stop Viral Infection: Spray the solution on leaves to point of dripping ,uniformly after noticing the viral infection, Apply 2nd spray after 4 days of first spray and 3rd and 4th spray after 7 days interval.

Packing Available:500gms,250gms