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Rohini Agro Science

We ROHINI AGRO SCIENCE were established in 2011, as a manufacturing Organic, inorganic Plant Growth Regulators and also Organic fertilizer and Organic Pest controls, since then we got immense market credibility and good reputation amount our clients using our supreme quality products. Or range inclusdes nano-technology based PGR, advanced biotechnology assisted and scientifically formulated Flowering/Growth Stimulants and PGR with unique blend of traditional botanical extracts and naturally occurring organic ingredients. We manufacture around 35 products and having predominantly huge coverage all over India.


Agriculture production is a very intensive business and related to better quality and better yield leading to better profitability. Even farmers dreams to achieve this goal. However to achieve this goal with advancement of technology, now it is the time to look at organic fertilizers and pesticides to achieve the goal of the farmer. Every plants like every other organisums needs certain components for growth the basic component of living cells is proteins with building block materials and Plant Growth Regulators


ROHINI AGRO SCIENCE brings a fresh and Innovative approach to Agricultural industry. Rohini Agro Science's goal is to exceed the expectation of every client by offering outstanding customer service, Increased flexibility and greater value. The Firm's associates are distinguish by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that the clients receive the most effective and professional services. committed to maintain 100% client's satisfaction by adhering to following values:

  • Deep integrity & ensuring code of conduct
  • Precious timekeeping & highest level of accuracy
  • Potential leadership with an energetic team
  • Sufficient infrastructure for anytime expansion
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction and concern for the community
  • Business ethics, Professionalism, innovation
  • Responsiveness to social needs


ROHINI AGRO SCIENCE has established itself as a professional enterprises that provides sales & services to the utmost satisfaction clientele.
Vision to reach number one position is striving, Rohini Agro Science to further improve the skills, professionalism and commitment. Rohini Agro Science offer perfect products, meeting consumer needs and budget. As experts in agricultural industry, Rohini Agro Science is involved in every stage from client selection of products to implementation and completion, offering continual functional and technical support. Our extensive skills encompass all aspect of implementation and operation, including business requirements definition and development of functional specifications for client approval.

Our strengths

Our Strategies

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Rohini Agro Science focused on increasing the momentum in the branded formulation in its key markets through organic growth routes. It continues to evaluate acquisition opportunities in India and emerging into developed markets to accentuate its business and competitiveness.

R&D Division

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We view our R&D Capabilities as a vital component of our business strategy that provides the company with a sustainable, long term competitive advantage. The R&D will focus on New Agro development, Bio pesticides, Organic growth regulators, Bio fungicides and Organic Fertilizers etc.

Quality Assurance

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Our Company is committed towards offering high quality supplies to our customers. All the production activities are backed by a certified quality control department, to make sure that all the products manufactured by us are safe to use.


We are ISO 9001 : 2015, WHO - GMP Certified Company With NPOP Certified Organic Plant Growth Regulators

ISO 9001 : 2015

Our Production Unit is maintaining high quality manufacturing procedure


WHO - GMP Certified by Universal Quality Accreditation Services,

NPOP Certified

All Products are NPOP Certified, which is accredited internationally


Rohini Agro Science has been recognized nationally